Executive Client Program


The Executive Client Program is designed for each shooter who wants to have a clear navigational path to their own success.

I pull from all my experience in creating curriculums and courses, over the last two decades from civilian, competition, DOD, SOCOM, DOJ and many LE courses to tailor a program fitting for your success.

We start it all with an in depth client discovery, interview & shooter questionnaire; from there I build your program with your desired skillset & timeline in mind.

Whether you're wanting to get out on a hunt, join in competition, master your skills as a well armed citizen or learn with multiple firearms and train just as fast and accurate as special operators do; this academic & technically delivered program will evolve your skillset, build extreme confidence, the satisfaction of accomplishment and leave you with the peace of mind so you can perform at your desired level of shooting.  


While enrolled in your program, you'll be learning in 2 to 4hr learning blocks; each block building upon the next.  Your Training will be conducted typically in a 4hr session or more depending on your schedule. This format provides you with the necessary structure allowing you to build to mastery and measure your desired skillset.  

Your Program Benefits

  • Personalized Training Profile & Skills Report
  • Shooting/Fitness Assessment & Personal Goal Planning
  • Customizable Curriculum based on your abilities and training needs
  • Guns, Gear & Ammo consulting for any purchases required
  • Firearm Rentals & Ammo packages available
  • (1) Immediate family member may attend any scheduled group course at no charge while enrolled in your program
  • Weekly Comms- phone calls, pics & video tips during your program based on your session progress for feedback
  • One personal lifecoaching Session per Week 

Connect with me here to discover your personalized program.