Testing & Evaluation

Precision Redefined: Your Gateway to Excellence in the Shooting IndustryIn the world of shooting, where precision, reliability, and safety stand paramount, Testing and Evaluating firearms, industry products pragmatically are crucial to gain the reputation of trust and excellence.

For over 30yrs, keeping a pulse of the shooting industry and the relentless quest for perfection in educating thousands; deciphering what works and what doesn't is vital to my clients, our industry and my own success. The mission? To elevate key products not just to meet the standards, but to set them.

Unveiling Excellence, Shot by ShotImagine a world where every firearm, optic, clothing or accessory you develop not only meets the expected standards but surpasses them, creating a new benchmark for quality and performance. 

Ensuring that every piece, every product tested undergoes a rigorous eval process. From precision accuracy to durability under extreme conditions, I scrutinize every aspect to guarantee your product stands the test of time and in context usage.

Ensuring Safety, Promoting TrustIn an industry where safety is non-negotiable, my service plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every product adheres to the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. This dedication to safety not only protects the end-users but also enhances your brand's reputation, fostering a deeper level of trust with your customers.The Journey to ExcellenceThe GunLife Coach is more than a just a T&E service; I'm your partner in excellence. By choosing me, you're not just ensuring your products are of the highest quality; you're also joining a community dedicated to raising the bar in the shooting industry. Let's embark on this journey together, where every test is a step towards unparalleled excellence and every evaluation a leap towards innovation.Ready to Aim Higher?Discover the difference precision and expertise can make for your products. Contact me today to learn more about how I can elevate your offerings to new heights of excellence.