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Tac Med Response

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This course was developed to answer the call for so many everyday carry students that have the desire and ability to self care or care for others in a life threatening environment.

You will learn an intro level of human anatomy basics and physiology, of pertinent bodily injuries, immediate treatment, a proper med kit (IFAK), the right content, principles of mass casualty and emergency comms. 

This is a full hands on course for medical and threat response. All students must have a solid foundation of their handgun fundamentals and be able to adapt to the physical conditioning for the live fire/trauma assessment and response scenarios. This is an Intermediate to advanced course.

This course is taught solely in a range environment where you will undergo multiple real world scenarios created to prepare you for one handed pistol operations, seeking cover & concealment, multiple threats, tourniquet application and trauma assessment.


MED Portion Overview

  • IFAK Contents, Do's & Don's (geographical needs)
  • IFAK placement / types and options
  • Medical anatomy box (tourniquets, chest seals & plugging holes
  • S&S of Mass Blood Loss
  • Addressing Gunshot wounds arm/leg, abdomen, chest, eye injuries
  • Non trauma related issues (broken bones & more)
  • Triage Mass Casualties (active shooter scenario)
  • 911 Communication skills

Required gear:

  • Serviceable concealable or Mid/Full Size Semi Auto pistol
  • 4-6 magazines
  • strong side hip holster, appendix carry & appropriate mag pouches
  • 250-300rds of ammunition
  • Eye & Ear Pro
  • Weather appropriate brimmed hat & clothing
  • Mag loader
  • hydration and snacks and sunscreen
  • Personal Med Kit (IFAK)

Course Length 8 Hours

Course Fee 274.99